BY SAM WATSON, Yorkshire

In this day of economic and social crisis, people are becoming less and less interested in politics as they succumb to the belief that there is simply no hope anymore. Who can blame them? All we seem to hear from the media are the failures and scandals of our politicians; the wastage of the tax payer’s money, the all too frequent U-Turns, the dreaded cuts etc. However, we seldom hear of their successes, leading the public to believe that our politicians really are incapable.

But let’s zoom into the average British family and take a look. Dad has been told he now has to work for less, and Mum, with fewer resources available, is trying to run the house smoothly. Spending on food has been cut. Brother can’t afford to buy his new football shorts. Sister’s phone bill must be cut down. This is an all too frequent view in today’s uncertain world.

Now, let’s zoom out again and look at the Government. They have been told that they won’t receive as much income, yet need to continue to run the country smoothly, with fewer resources available. They can’t afford to pay for new schools. The welfare bill must be cut.

Everyone is making sacrifices to ensure they can still pay for the necessities, the people and the Government, because we really are ‘all in this together.’ Throughout history, the people of Britain have repeatedly stood together in times of crisis and indeed overcome them. The Conservative party offers to stand together with the people again to secure our future and prosperity, to stand and help us endure the recession so true recovery can begin.

The Conservatives have a proud history of standing with the people to overcome crisis and misery. During the Second World War, Winston Churchill stood with the country to endure and defeat the tyranny of Nazi Germany. Margaret Thatcher’s government stood with the people again to overcome economic hardship, unemployment and to liberate the Falkland Islands from totalitarian Argentine rule. Now let them stand with us again to see off this crisis, the British way!

But to do this, it is more essential than ever to hear the voices of the young people, the future and inheritors of our country. We are the people who will be left with crippling debt or balanced budgets, prosperity or poverty, growth or declination. The energy, flexibility and openness of the younger generations are just what we need to ensure our countries future is safe, stable and prosperous. We need a constant injection of new people and ideas to ensure politics doesn’t become stale, which it is indeed fast becoming.

You can make your opinions be heard by contributing to this blog, made especially for young people. Join the ever increasing community of young people who are taking their futures into their own hands.

Let the voices of the Young Conservatives be heard!

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  1. David Mendoza-Wolfson says:

    I must say that I used to agree with this but in recent weeks I simply cannot agree that the Government is effectively cutting what it must to pay for the necessities.
    I’m sorry but the recent cuts to the military whilst abhorrent amounts of cash are going to NHS Administrators and EU Bureaucrats is simply not cutting the frills to pay for necessities.

    We Young Conservatives must now stand together and say that this is not what we stand for – Freedom, Security and Tradition.

    We must not stand by and watch our constitution be bulldozed.
    We must not stand by and watch our armed forces be eroded
    We must not stand by and agree that the House of Lords should be ‘reformed’ whilst doing nothing to get powers back from the entirely undemocratic European Union.

    We are not simply an extension of the Government, we are Conservatives because we are conservatives.

    I agree with the sentiment of this article – but we must make sure to always be on the side of the people and not on the side of a Government that does not reflect what we believe just because it is a Conservative run government.

    Rant over.

  2. Samuel Watson says:


    Thank you for your comment.
    I can see why you would weary of the current Government and their recent actions, however I would like to stress that this is a coalition of the Conservatives AND the Liberal Democrats. Unfortunately, to stop this coalition collapsing and plunging the country in greater toil, there needs to be an element of appeasement. Many Conservative policies must be watered down, and the Lib Dems get to have a big say in others. We need to stand by the Conservatives to ensure outright majority, so we can finally get to work unhindered.
    As my article points out, politics is fast becoming stale, politicians becoming out of touch, and this, as I said, is where we come in to give the much needed injection of fresh opinions and ideas.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m afraid the problem is that the Liberal Democrats make up only 19% of the government and considering that, it seems to me that they hold far too much power.

      I also tend to agree with David that:
      “We must not stand by and watch our constitution be bulldozed.
      We must not stand by and watch our armed forces be eroded
      We must not stand by and agree that the House of Lords should be ‘reformed’ whilst doing nothing to get powers back from the entirely undemocratic European Union.”

      Philip Hammond, the defence secretary, voted to increase our country’s contribution to the IMF to bail out the euro to £20 billion whilst at the same time he abolishes historic regiments in the army and cuts its spending by 30% and I’m afraid I can’t support a government that allows this to happen whilst at the same time allowing Nick Cleg to talk about how we must listen to the people on house of lords reform yet he blocks an EU referendum when 80% of the country want a referendum.

      And may I remind you Sam just how a policy of appeasement went in the years leading up to 1939.

  3. Samuel Watson says:


    I agree with your opinion on the stance of the Liberal Democrats in the current Government; they do indeed hold too much power and exploit their position.. Although I feel your comparison of the appeasement of Nazi Germany to that of the LibDems a little unfair, your point still stands. I do believe that it is wrong and can do no good for either parties or the country. However, the Conservatives know that if they don’t appease the Coalition will collapse and the party lose some seats. The case could be argued both sides for a long time, though I am obliged to say I feel the Tories should pull out.

    Regarding your comment on the questionable actions of some of our Tory ministers, you may notice in my article and reply to David’s comment mention of politics fast becoming stale and politicians becoming out of touch. I, just like you and many other people, am condemning of some of these controversial actions. However the point of the article is to rally Young Conservatives together so we can give the Tories that vital injection of fresh ideas and energy, secure our future and and make the Conservative party respectable again.

    • Scott Stacey says:

      I believe a comparison between the Lib Dems and the Nazis is quite justifiable as it is them, as well as many conservatives, who are subjecting us to the fascist EU

      • David Mendoza-Wolfson says:

        I’m sorry I just saw this. Scott Stacey are you joking? I presume that you must be. The Lib Dems are a soft party of no real consequence. They mean no harm, they’re just fairly useless. The Nazi Party was responsible for the death of tens of millions of people including many members of my family, both in warfare and the holocaust. The EU is a bureaucracy but it is not really fascistic and it is certainly in no way equatable to Nazism. Frankly, when I read things like this I get filled by a true sense of shame.

  4. sewellsaga says:

    Reblogged this on Sarah-Jane Sewell and commented:

    It was a fantastic piece when it was written and the sentiments still ring true today!

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